Logical Access

Simplifying security through technology...since2003

When it comes to security and logical access control solutions in Nigeria and Africa, Trivest is your best bet.

We have been delivering integrated security solutions, including logical access control solutions for over a dozen years.

Trivest has been simplifying security through technology since 2003, pioneering innovative and reliable security solutions in the local security industry.

We offer first-class services in the areas listed below. We have broad and verifiable experience in our core business areas and our staff members hold various internationally recognized industry certifications.

This offering is a minimum information system requirement for a wide range of security-sensitive organisations, such as banks, oil and gas companies and so on. These solutions help secure the IT systems of organisations from various security risks, such as identity theft, phishing, eavesdropping and hacking. We deploy two-factor authentication solutions such as One-Time Passwords (OTP), Tokens and smartcards.